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Citing sources when producing written work is essential for several reasons:

1. Giving Credit: When you use someone else's ideas, research, or words in your work, citing the source gives proper credit to the original author or researcher. It acknowledges their contribution to your work and shows respect for their intellectual property. Failing to do so could be considered plagiarism, which is a serious ethical violation in academia and other professional fields.

2. Verification and Trust: Citing sources allows readers to verify the accuracy and credibility of your work. It demonstrates that your arguments and claims are based on reliable evidence and research. This transparency builds trust with your audience, as they can trace the information back to its origin and assess its validity.

3. Building on Existing Knowledge: Citing sources also places your work within the context of existing knowledge and research. It shows that you have conducted a thorough literature review and have a solid understanding of the relevant scholarship in your field. This contextualization strengthens your arguments and positions your work as part of an ongoing scholarly conversation.

In summary, citing sources is a fundamental practice in academic and professional writing that ensures proper attribution, credibility, and the ethical use of others' work. It also helps you build a strong foundation for your own research and arguments by connecting them to existing knowledge and expertise.